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16 August 2008 @ 01:07 pm
[Numb3rs] [Charlie, Don] Belief  
Title: Belief
Author/ess: audrarose
Series: Numb3rs
Length: approx. 1,464 words, one shot
Character/pairing: Charlie, Don
Rating/warnings: PG
Summary: Charlie. Don. Basketball. Faith.

Ah, Numb3rs. I love my boys. Is it a popular fandom thing to slash together once-semi-estranged brothers, or even minus the estranged part? And, er, there’s nothing I like more than gen for this fandom, hahaha. The basic premise is that Charlie’s playing basketball while Don’s concerned that he hasn’t been out of the house in probably months; the underlying one, how Charlie never believed in the magic of their childhood that Don did.

I mean, geh, this is great. ‘Just like it’s out of an episode’ is probably some of the greatest praise that can be given, and this one really does feel like it. It has just that right amount of attention to detail, gets the Charlie logical mind processes and the wistful hey-remember-when, and the way the fic references their past is exactly something that the series would do in one of its less life-endangering, adrenaline-rush moments. And haha, it’s just like Charlie to calculate how to throw a basketball perfectly while Don just goes for it. Just, yay sibling fic, nice subtle evaluations of the characters and who they are, and a great look into the present and the past.

7.6 meters per second. An angle of 60 degrees. Nothing but net.

It didn’t work, of course. It turned out that the equation was correct but the application presented difficulties. Between nine and twenty-nine he’d realized that there were real-world variables that marred the simple elegance of mathematics on paper; things like wind, which could be measured, and the human element, which was far more difficult to describe. The exact angle couldn’t be measured by eye, and the application of force came through muscles that couldn’t be controlled perfectly every time. Even so, over the years he tried to account for the changing length of arm, the increased density of muscle. Fatigue. Backspin.

“It shouldn’t take this long to set up a free throw, Charlie.”