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17 August 2008 @ 01:30 pm
[Fire Emblem 7] [Priscilla, Raven, Lucius] Shades  
Need FE7 icons, urk.

Title: Shades
Author/ess: LittleGreenBudgie
Series: Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword / Rekka no Ken
Length: 2,376 words, one shot
Character/pairing: Priscilla, Raven (Raymond), Lucius
Rating/warnings: K+/PG, AU, spoilers for who Raven is from his various support convos? And lots of references to any of the Priscilla or Raven support convos, really.
Summary: Spring green, summer golden, fall red, winter white: life is change. Yet it's summer again, but her brother is not the same. A look into the relationship between Raymond, Priscilla, and Lucius.

Contrary to some people, I love how Fire Emblem games have large casts, even if the game obviously can’t give a lot of information or even screentime for each of them. Let your imagination take care of the rest, really, I say. I have to admit, though, I’d never have come up with an AU setting, but this one’s so incredibly close to the FE universe anyway that it’s almost inconsequential. Priscilla’s the happy one and Raymond’s withdrawn, but Lucius comes, and oh, how childhoods change.

Raven’s awesome because he’s the game’s only and best Mercenary/Hero class, and he could probably decimate a map on his own. But I always liked Priscilla more, and not just for her Troubadour/Valkyrie awesomeness. She has this sorrowful semi-fragility about her, and it’s illustrated quite well here. The fic’s an interesting setup – large chunks of paragraphs separated by large dividers, each chronicling another little moment over the years. It really captures what’s in the game well, with Priscilla and Raven’s eventual estrangement despite how they were close siblings, and Priscilla’s unhappiness with how close Lucius is to Raven instead. Only the place where this fic ends up seems so much bleaker than the game ever did, and it really hits home. It’s an excellent (AU!) character study, and I love it for its good, fair focus on Priscilla. A very interesting piece.

Raymond has started talking to Lucius about the other’s unwillingness to leave the house for anything beyond school or church. Lucius deflects the questions as subtly as he can, protesting that he does have friends and switching Raymond’s words around so that the redhead never even notices that the subject was changed until the conversation is already over. He’s still so, so shy around other people, but Raymond’s never noticed, has only ever really seen how Lucius acts around him. Besides, Lucius sees his friends at school or at church, and even though they’re a mismatched bunch of misfits, Lucius is too.

Priscilla still doesn’t really have any friends, but Raymond doesn’t know that, doesn’t know because he doesn’t write and because she’s not sure she’s comfortable with telling him. She tries to pretend that she hasn’t even considered telling Lucius instead, but the knowledge sits heavily on her mind.