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18 August 2008 @ 01:02 am
[Detective Conan] [Conan/Ai] By Any Other Name  
Title: By Any Other Name
Author/ess: chitsuki
Series: Detective Conan
Length: 513 words, one shot
Character/pairing: Conan/Ai
Rating/warnings: PG
Summary: (None given.) Written for 30_kisses, theme: gardenia.

Hey look, another one of those hopeless pairings that I’m prone to liking. But don’t worry, the fic’s a lot more lighthearted than that. Funny as I always equated Conan/Ai to more darker, convoluted things, but it does have the humorous side to it caused by the cynicism and sarcasm and general “hey, Kudo’s an idiot” sort of thing. That’s the centerpiece of this one. For some reason Haibara drags Conan to a flower shop, and yet again she manages to make him look like an idiot. Again.

I love the characterization and humor in this one. They’re spot on, which means great jabs from Haibara’s end and fitting embarrassed reactions from Conan’s. And for a short one-shot at 30_kisses, well, this fic took the idea in a direction that was more fitting for the two than the usual drippy romance-y sorts of things that some of the fics there have. But again, spot-on banter, and a nice, hilarious, light sort of piece that can be a bit hard to find; it makes it all the more enjoyable, really, and it doesn’t even need that boost.


It was just a guess. If there was one thing he knew less than music about, it was flowers.

She gave him a look as though when God gave out brains, he had obviously missed the line-up.

"It's a gardenia."

He shrugged. "Close enough."

"For a self-proclaimed meitantei, you sure can be clueless."