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19 August 2008 @ 04:45 pm
[Ender's Game] [Valentine, Peter] Six Dances  
Title: Six Dances
Author/ess: cadence_zero
Series: Ender’s Game
Length: 2,600 words, one shot
Character/pairing: Valentine, Peter, appearances and mentions of Ender, Graff, and various OCs
Rating/warnings: PG, spoilers for the end of Ender’s Game but goes AU with who’s on the first colony ship
Summary: Valentine had always hated formal functions, in the same way that she had always hated Peter. Not to the same degree, of course, but the universe seemed to have a way of working to change that. Valentine, Peter, dancing, and world domination.

I still like Ender’s Game (not its series), but the Ender’s Shadow series has definitely rubbed off more on me now. Which means I’ve ended up liking Peter a lot, what with all of his faults and strengths, and Valentine and Ender have been shoved to the back of my mind. So it’s nice to revisit with a fic like this. Following the first book’s chronology (though diverging later), six dances Valentine had to dance or attend, and Peter always in the wake.

I have to admit, with my favorite characters, I’m very picky about characterization. The first readthroughs I didn’t really think this, but only now do I think, eh, this isn’t Peter, he’s not a horrible guy. But then again, through the eyes of Ender and Valentine in Ender’s Game, he really was, so in that sense the fic gets it down. The calculating, sometimes mockingly jocular side of him does feel true to his young self, along with all of Valentine’s vacillating and how she ultimately stands by him anyway. The AU is subtle, but fits the theme of this much more than if it followed the book’s events. Overall, it’s a very piercing, honest look at the characters, a great Valentine POV, and oh so worth the read.

She confronted Peter about it later.

"Why did you do that? You don't even know her."

"The color of her dress brought out my eyes," Peter said. She tried to summon anger at his offhandedness.

"And besides," he added with a grin, "It'll give her a story to tell when I'm ruling the world."

Valentine choked back a laugh at that. Then she stopped trying to be angry. It was hardly Peter's fault that ten-year-old girls were shallow, after all.