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20 August 2008 @ 06:29 pm
[Phoenix Wright] [Phoenix/Mia] Mulling  
Title: Mulling
Author/ess: Pyrasaur
Series: Phoenix Wright
Length: 905 words, one shot
Character/pairing: Phoenix/Mia
Rating/warnings: T/PG-13, presumably pre-game
Summary: She didn't know what this was but it was beautiful.

Ah, Phoenix Wright. The series that gave me a pairing as soon as it started…and kinda took it away just as quickly, due to certain events. Me and those doomed/impossible pairings. And what with all of the slash or Phoenix/Maya out there, I didn’t really expect to find anything like this…so when I did, it was pretty awesome. Mia, Phoenix, and something softly comfortable and all right.

This fic has that fluttering, synesthetic quality to it that the writer uses, and it gives rise to a lot of imagery and word combinations that really suit the soft flow of it. That’s the fic’s real quality, how it just paints these pictures of not-quite-standard words and not-quite-standard images into a very nice whole. There’s really nothing more to say about it – it’s a great, different sort of way to tell a possible story of this pairing, and really, you might as well just go and read it right now instead.

It happened by degrees, a thousand tiny motions and she took what remained of the stiff-forming couch. All the better to watch Phoenix shift, half-aware, and all the better to lay a hand on his arm and watch his eyelashes stir.

Chief, he called her, in a voice thick and far away. And confused at its edges, small the way he hadn't been for years.

She asked if this was all right. And smiled because it was Phoenix -- she knew his answer, saw it in his lake-dark eyes. That was all she needed.