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Daily fanfiction recommendations from a wide range of fandoms
You've stumbled upon the fanfiction rec community of darkenedsakura and biases.

Let's see, where to start. We're both pretty prolific with our fandoms. The two of us are definitely into anime/manga and a lot of it, and we do dabble in TV and video games as well. We're constantly getting into more and more of them (and thus devouring new fic wherever we go). And we're also into quite a few genres, from shounen (the main one) to shoujo, action to horror, mystery to romance.

The same goes for fanfiction. We tend to rec canon het or alternate het, as far as pairings go. But we really do like anything as long as it's well-written and in character. Most of our recs will be for finished fics only, but you might see the odd WIP here.

Some of DS's favorites are The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Detective Conan, Supernatural, and Tsukihime (though she's sad that there aren't really fics for a few of these), while Dex is mainly into Naruto, Doctor Who, Heroes and Ouran Host Club. Naturally, we have more, but that's what the Interests section is for.

All of our recs are under the memories or tags. Enjoy the ride!

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